P2. Navigate safely and avoid Paid Survey Scams

Signing up for Online Surveys

Signing up for paid online surveys is extremely easy since it only takes a few short steps! But, since it is easy, its suggested to only sign up with one or two sites when starting out. Because once you’re signed up, you will be getting a lot of survey invitations along with other offers in your inbox. If you wish to sign up for more paid online surveys, then many people suggest getting a dedicated email account to keep things from getting out of hand in your primary email account. This will save you a ton of time, and will prevent you from potentially losing track of your important emails in your main email account.

With there being so many paid online survey sites available, it may soon occur to you that not all of them are worth the hassle. In fact, Finding survey sites is not the problem, but rather sites that require survey takers to pull out their wallet. Many of these aren’t survey sites at all, rather just another way to scam.

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Avoid the survey scams

As said, there are perhaps hundreds of survey sites online, and preferably you want to use only the best ones. There are many to choose from, however not all of them are worth signing up with.

The number of scams online are endless. and there are new ones popping up everyday. Many of these scams will steal your information claiming to have a survey for you. It’s our duty to make sure you are not a victim of one. Many scams/pseudo sites will include some or all of the following red flags:

  • Site makes unrealistic claims of users making ten’s of thousands of dollars monthly from surveys
  • Sweepstakes offers
  • Persuading new readers to purchase a list the “best survey sites”
  • Bogus paid courses
  • Expired offers and ads to sign up with
  • Little or no survey offers.. mostly cash offers
  • Extreme referral level claims(for example “8 levels” of referrals)
  • paywalls (where certain information is restricted until you pay for it)

By steering clear of these sorts of scams, you will have a much better experience earning income from doing paid online surveys. Keep in mind that if it we don’t have it listed on our site, then be sure to do your research before signing up. The last thing you want is to have your data compromised! A good rule of thumb is that if it seems shady, then don’t do it.

Special Invite Survey Sites

On the opposite side of the spectrum are survey sites that don’t take new participants openly. Rather these sites are more strategic in their selection process, which actually makes them even more credible. These are survey sites/ research companies that are conducting consumer surveys on a rotational basis. These sites will only allow new accounts during it’s recruiting season, or invitation only circumstances. These sites sometimes do not have a sign up page, so just a heads up if you run into one. A couple of sites that do this are:

  • Pine Cone Research
  • e-rewards

If you can’t sign up for the 80+ sites, then at least sign up for a few of the best survey sites available

If you can sign up, the process is the same as any other websites. Make sure you provide your correct home address, and Paypal account email. Your payments will be either mailed, or sent electronically via Paypal within a few weeks. A few sites like CashCrate.com uses Dwolla for new and Bronze users.

SwagBucksYouGov SurveySavvy (three of the best!)

Your profile info

Many survey sites will require you fill out a personal profile. DO NOT skip this section. Skipping this section will prevent you from receiving the maximum amount of survey invitations. Less invites = less money.

Once you have signed up completely and confirmed your account, you’re ready to start filling in your profile information.

You’ll be asked to fill out basic detailed information about yourself. The reason is so survey companies can know what survey subjects are suitable for you, which prevents wasting your time with surveys you have no interest in. Filling out these detailed profile surveys can take up to 30 minutes or so. Once you are complete you will begin to receive survey invitations from that site. How you answer your profile information WILL affect how many survey invitations you receive as well as the payout per survey.

You will also be required to keep your accounts updated every six months or so.

How much do surveys pay?

Surveys can pay anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00. Special survey offers pay up to $50.00 or more. $5 doesn’t sound like much but it adds up.

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