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What are paid online surveys?

Online surveys are only one way of many methods that research companies use to get research data. Your data will help improve current and future products and services. Online surveys are one of the easiest ways for consumers to contribute their opinions directly to manufactures. It’s also

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The reason these companies pay is simple... Manufactures, and corporations regularly pay out millions of dollars annually to research companies to acquire data from everyday consumers like you and me. This data is gold to these companies because, in order for companies to succeed with their products, they need data

Well think about it like this…how many people who you know really LOVE doing surveys in there spare time? .You yourself at some point may have had a hard time getting people to do a survey for some reason…whether it was for a family reunion, in the workplace, activities to have at a BBQ etc. Most people rather find something else to do with there time, especially if no money is involved. These companies understand this and willingly will pay you for your time and survey “data”.

What happens with my data?

When you complete a survey, you’re contributing critical data needed for them to continue making money (and to stay in business). They use your data in further research to improve or invent new products and services.

Legitimate survey companies will pay it’s members for their time and effort. Your opinion is very valuable and it doesn’t matter who you are… you are a consumer with an opinion.

Paid Online Surveys are Free

Before you get overly excited, entering your 16 digit credit card number into the first website you run across offering “the best online surveys”. Remember, Paid Research is FREE, and requires no money down…period…ever. If there is site telling you, that you can get “good” surveys but you need to pay for the list… it’s a scam. Trust me, I’ve already done it, so you don’t have to.

Survey training which is what you’re getting now for free is what you would be paying for. Most scam survey sites will charge you anywhere from $40-$100 standard. If you sign up for additional service, you can find yourself out of up to $200. You can very easily make back lost money doing online surveys, but why give away money.

Some are invite only

A few research companies do no accept regular sign ups and only accept sign ups during random time periods, or specially invited by a current member. Pine Cone Research is a good example of a paid online survey site that does this.

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